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Liriano Plumbing Inc. specializes in offering extensive, flexible, and friendly plumbing services at any hour of the day or night. Over 27 years of plumbing experience in the Miami / Kendall area, no task is too large for our highly-trained team. Our plumbing professionals have years of experience and knowledge to successfully complete whatever the job may be.

Falcon Plumbing Services Miami: Miami Plumber

Our plumber specialty can repair any problem, from faucet leak, sink drain, to garbage disposal and much more. We install, replace and repair any issues that you have in your kitchen or bathroom.

Falcon Plumbing Services Miami: Miami Plumber

Having a water leak can cost you thousands a year. If any pipes or appliances are leaking and you have noticed water on the floor, please call us immediately, and our reliable plumber specialist will assist you.

Plumber in Kendall, FL | Emergency Plumber Kendall

Many things can go wrong with the toilet such as leaking, not flushing properly, and much more. No matter what the issue is, call our professional technician plumber to help and repair the damage.

Plumber in Kendall, FL | Emergency Plumber Kendall

Your drain may clog due to coffee grains, grease or oil, hair, rice, and more. Whether your own a residential and commercial property, call us to perform repairs effectively.

Plumber in Kendall, FL | Emergency Plumber Kendall

If your residential and commercial water heather is broken or is leaking, let our licensed plumber install and fix your water heater, before the damage worsens.

Falcon Plumbing Services Miami: Miami Plumber

With camera inspections, our plumbers can discern a variety of issues that might otherwise go undetected. This is especially helpful when you are unsure about the root causes of your plumbing problems.


Edelto "Osmel" Liriano is a dedicated professional that has been certified, insured and licensed as a plumbing contractor with over 27 years of experience.


From the start of Osmel Liriano's career, he's had a passion for creating and improving a persons dream home. 

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For the best plumbing service in Miami / Kendall, call us at (305) 439-9023 to discuss your commercial plumbing needs.
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